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The vision for Elk River Crossing came from our travels amidst MT, WY, ID, and the greater North West. As we traveled and shared our handmade traditional Native American creations from our other business, High Star Creations, we realized that we had the opportunity to offer a culturally rich and educational experience to the people of Montana by providing a unique service, Tipi Camping. With that realization came the acquisition of land and the start of a business in the making.  As we grow, we look forward to this endeavor serving equally as both a business and an adventure. Opening this 10 Tipi campground will bring back the culture of the Crow, Apsaalooke Tribe. This is the original land of the Crow Tribe.  The Livingston area has welcomed the endeavor with open arms. Bringing this to Park County will bring many visitors from all areas wanting to experience the beauty, nature, fishing, culture, and history of this valley. The way the name Elk River Crossing came about for the business is the Yellowstone River was formally named Elk River. When Lewis and Clark expedition came to this valley in 1806 the Native Americans used the Yellowstone River for a source of irrigation and a mode of transportation at that time, they called it Elk River.

Come stay with us and have the Adventure of a Lifetime!!!


We offer complimentary Coffee in the Mornings!

Warm community fires at the Gazebo in the Evenings (Weather permitting)

Star Gazing

Electricity operated by Generators (Bathrooms and showers)

No electricity in the Tipi's (Please bring Flashlights)

We have Solar lighting in the Pathways.

Indian games for all to play.

Indian games
indian game.png
toilets and showers powered by generators
Bike Rides
Star Gazing
star gazing.png
Warm Community fires at the gazebo in the evenings
weather permitting
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Don't forget!

Sleeping bag



Camping Chairs



Bug Spray

Things that make you happy!

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Be the first to add your testimonial of your stay! Email us about your adventure with Elk River Crossing!!

Be the first to add your testimonial of your stay!

Email us about your adventure with Elk River Crossing!!

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